A La Carte (02/16)

Thursday February 16, 2006

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Giveaway: Carla has once again decided to crack open the Scripscenes vaults and do a Spring giveaway. “Winner’s choice of gift from any 1 product of any department in our store!”

Du Jour: John Piper, on the eve of his cancer surgery, wrote a short article entitled, Don’t Waste Your Cancer. He affirms his belief in God’s power to heal and then says, “But healing is not God’s plan for everyone. And there are many other ways to waste your cancer. I am praying for myself and for you that we will not waste this pain.”

Theology: Jollyblogger writes about the Evangelical Climate Initiative. “One thing seems clear – this is definitely a bandwagon that evangelicals can jump on and earn a good deal of “street cred” from the world around us. “

Congratulations: Congratulations go to Josh and Shannon Harris for the arrival of their daughter. “We have named her Mary Katherine. Mary after the mother of Jesus who we fell in love with again during our study of Luke. And Katherine after Katherine Von Bora, the wife of Martin Luther. I’m studying Luther this year and Shannon read a biography about Katherine. We plan to call her Mary-Kate. Not Mary, mind you, but Mary-Kate.”