A La Carte (02/17)

Friday February 17, 2006

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Du Jour: Nikopedia provides five tips on how to waste a day. “When I say ‘wasted’ I don’t mean the difference between feeling like you had a good day or a bad day but rather going through a 24 hour period centred on yourself and not on the cross!”

Olympics: An Olympic insider has begun an interesting blog. He shows some of the technology and backstage hardware that makes the Olympic broadcasts possible.

Politics: Steve Camp is also taking on the Evangelical Climate Initiative. As we’d expect, he is pulling no punches. “A guy writes one very successful book, makes a lot of money and all of a sudden he’s concerned about people with AIDS and world hunger. Fair enough. But now, Rick Warren is spearheading a global effort called the Evangelical Climate Initiative. There’s only one problem–global warming doesn’t exist.”

Reviews: I gave the Diet of Bookworms a much-needed update yesterday. We are now up to almost 800 reviews and are nearing in on 600 books.