A La Carte (03/26)

Monday March 26, 2006

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Humor: Members of the Church of Nazarene of West Palm Beach delivered some old fashioned vigilante justice to a marauding thief. PalmBeachPost reports.

Praise: The case against the Afghan Christian, Abdul Rahman, has been dismissed and he is likely to soon go free. Paul, among many others, reports. Afghani Muslims have vowed to kill him regardless, and I don’t think it would be a suprise to learn that he does not survive long after his release.

Technology: An interesting article at The Motley Fool discusses Google’s future plans. He thinks Google is targetting a “Google-powered browser loaded with accessible, Office-like services and deep hooks into the best information the Web has to offer.” Google is becoming incredibly powerful!

Politics: I’ve got to say – these rallies where illegal immigrants are voicing their rights to immigrate illegally are downright bizarre. The U.S. wants to restrict the flow of illegal immigrants, and somehow this is a bad thing? I’m a bit confused here!