A La Carte (05/09)

Tuesday May 9, 2006

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Blogspotting: Peter Bogert responds to my charge that he was self-absorbed at the T4G Conference. “I carried a sign that I unfolded on a few occasions that said, ‘Hey Tim Challies – Hi.’ But Tim ignored it and one of his ‘guardians’ told me to move on or I’d never blog again, ‘if you know what I mean.'”

Da Vinci: Jim Elliff’s latest newsletter has information about a couple of good “Da Vinci Code” resources. There is a helpful faq along with a good article.

Mother’s Day: In anticipation of Mother’s Day, the GirlTalk ladies are dedicating this week to mothers. “Our hope is that not just the moms who are honored, but every mom who reads the blog this week will feel the love and gratefulness of her family and the pleasure of our Savior!”

Church: Frank Turk posted a link to an incredible video showcasing “Kidz Church” at First Baptist Church of Springdale. “Whatever it takes to get the message across…”