A La Carte (06/15)

Thursday June 15, 2006

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Review: Gary Gilley, my favorite book reviewer, has a good review of Brian McLaren’s “The Secret Message of Jesus.” “This in essence is the gospel of the emergent movement: if enough of us become missional we can make this world a better place. What a sad substitute for the gospel message as found in Scripture.”

Politics: Mark Steyn must be a brave man to print an article like this on in Canada’s foremost news magazine. “The Islamoschmoozing has gone into full gear. What’s the harm? This is how nations die.”

Politics Bonus: Tom Ascol speculates on why Mark Dever did not get elected as Vice President of the SBC.

Music: Bob Kauflin has announced an upcoming music project, and has shared some lyrics for a new song. We asked the Sovereign Grace songwriters to submit songs inspired by the book, “The Valley of Vision.” Sounds great!