A La Carte (07/10)

Monday July 10, 2006

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People: Justin Taylor mentions a chat with J.I. Packer and explains why Packer was never destined to be an athlete.

Interview: Everyone else is linking it, so I guess I will too. Christianity Today has an interview with Mark Driscoll. Here’s a choice quote: “The two hot theologies today are Reformed and emerging. Reformed theology offers certainty, with a masculine God who names our sin, crushes Jesus on the Cross for it, and sends us to hell if we fail to repent. Emerging theology offers obscurity, with a neutered God who would not say an unkind word to us, did not crush Jesus for our sins, and would not send anyone to hell.”

Blogging: Author Alex Chediak, who seems to take blogging very formally (which is probably a good thing), has posted an overview of the topics he’ll be covering in the days ahead.

Yuck: Have you seen the talking Jesus who welcomes you to Cross Rev Connect? He even follows your cursor around the screen. Maybe I should integrate this into my site. “Hi, this is Jesus. Welcome to Challies Dot Com…” Maybe not.