A LA Carte (08/25)

Friday August 25, 2006

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Interview: On the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina Cindy Swanson has an interview with Don Elbourne, pastor of Lakewood Baptist Church in Lakeshore, Mississippi. He speaks about God’s grace in what has been an incredible year of ministry.

Humor: Mr. Dawn Treader has an funny series of posts about “Rule Changes That Would Improve Sports.”

Sports: On the subject of sports, have you ever wondered just how long the ball is actually in play in a game of baseball? Ask Yahoo tracks down an answer.

Weird: An Austrian girl who was abducted eight years ago, has been found alive. “In the quiet, small-town street where a kidnapped Austrian girl is believed to have been held for more than eight years, police searched on Thursday for clues about her captivity, her dramatic escape and the man who allegedly imprisoned her and has now killed himself.”