A La Carte (09/12)

Tuesday September 12, 2006

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Music: Yesterday’s Sovereign Grace Ministries newsletter had news of SGM’s first Christmas album. “Savior: Celebrating the Mystery of God Become Man (to be released in November), will focus on the incarnation of Christ. In October you’ll get a preview of the CD with a free download of the song “Hope Has Come” by Stephen Altrogge.”

Church: Mark Moore, who blogs at The Resurgence, mentions running into a Joyce Meyer book signing. “The book that I went in to get was “The Finished Work of Christ” by Francis Schaeffer. Ironically, Joyce Meyer does not believe in the finished work of Christ on the cross.”

Technology: Here is a new, must-have plugin for Movabletype users. “The auto-save plugin acts on all new and unpublished entries. Whenever you’ve typed some new text within a span of time that you define, the entry gets saved automatically!”

Terrorism: A Canadian reporter decided to test the security at a local airport. The results? Not good…