A La Carte (1/11)

You may have heard that Louie Giglio was invited to pray at the presidential inauguration but then had that invitation retracted when it was discovered that he holds a biblical view of homosexuality. This caused many reactions in the blogosphere. Among the best are Al Mohler’s and Russell Moore’s.

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Kindle users may be interested in two books that look at spiritual leadership: D.L. Moody on Spiritual Leadership and C.H. Spurgeon on Spiritual Leadership.

Why I Changed My Mind About the Millennium – Sam Storms explains how he came to change his view on the end times. “My departure from premillennialism and embrace of amillennialism was gradual and came as a result of two discoveries as I studied Scripture.”

Planting in a Deprived Area – Mez McConnell answers this question: “Can I Plant A Church In A Deprived Area Even If I Don’t Come From That Background?” He answers with a resounded “yes.”

Psalm-Sung Galaxy – Iain Campbell writes about one way that technology may be infringing upon the pulpit.

National Debt – Randy Alcorn writes about the national debt, beginning this way: “I have pointed out before that one thing Republican and Democratic administrations have in common is their apparent unwillingness to do what it takes to balance our budget.” Ain’t that the truth!

Credo Magazine – There is a new (free) issue of Credo Magazine available for your reading pleasure.

Bible Reading Plan for Kids – David Murray has packaged up his excellent Bible reading plans for kids so it’s easy to download, print, and use for your children. I want to see a publisher pick this up.

The measure of our love for others can largely be determined by the frequency and earnestness of our prayers for them. –A.W. Pink