A La Carte (11/14)

Tuesday November 14, 2006

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Music: at Reformed Blacks of America Miguel Davilla writes an interesting article about Holy Hip Hop. “It can be real easy to look at (or listen to) the unregenerate, unconverted Hip Hop culture and music and know that it is unclean and wicked. The mistake that we need to avoid is to believe that the culture is one that is beyond the redemption of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Church: Paul is beginning a series based on a convicting sermon he preached last Sunday. The topic is “What to Do When You Disagree With a Brother over a Secondary Matter.”

Music: Yahoo has the new video for Switchfoot’s song “Oh, Gravity.” There doesn’t seem to be a direct link, so you may have to hunt around for it.

Books: Cameron Moore tries out the unsuggestion feature of LibraryThing (which, based on your library, provides reverse recommendations).