A La Carte (1/12)

Tebow Time – I appreciate Nathan Busenitz’s thoughts about Tim Tebow and all the fuss surrounding him these days. “But as believers, what are we supposed to think about the cultural phenomenon that centers around this young quarterback? At the risk of offending someone (and possibly everyone), here are ten thoughts in answer to that question.”

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Disagreeing Online Without Being a Jerk – This is a worthwhile read for any of us who spend time interacting with others online.

Your Kids Think You’re No Fun – Douglas Wilson offers 10 reasons that your kids might think that you’re no fun.

Chapel at Harvard – Gene Veith found an interesting article that discusses what chapel is like at Harvard these days. “A few years ago, what was once the multi-denominational and then became the multi-faith worship service would mush all of the different religions in a worship service that would be recognizable to none of them.  Now, though, the distinct worship services of the distinct religions are carried out, but everyone participates in them and honors them all equally.”

Free Book of the Month – Logos has begun a new feature: A free book of the month. This month’s freebie is Sin and Temptation by John Owen.

Haiti Slow to Recover – The Big Picture has a photo gallery showing the slow, slow progress in rebuilding Haiti after the quake from two years ago.

Guilt is to danger what fire is to gunpowder. –John Flavel