A La Carte (11/27)

Monday November 27, 2006

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Worship: Bob Kauflin answers a question about candles in worship services.

Books: Audubon Press is offering a great deal on the MacArthur Commentary series. You can save 35% on individual volumes or 50% on the set (that’s just $311.87 and free shipping for 25 volumes).

Blogging: Phil Johnson sets a new standard for lethargy with his DIY Blogspotting. So if you’ve ever wanted to be spotted by TeamPyro, simply write about them and add yourself to the post.

Technology: On Thursday Amazon offered XBox 360’s for $100. The result? Amazon went down for fifteen minutes and the 1000 Xbox’s sold out in 29 seconds. And yes, I tried (quite unsuccessfully) to nab one of them.