A La Carte (11/3)

Thanks to all of those who sent emails or Facebook reminders to me, telling me that I had to get out and vote yesterday. I chose not to do so since, being Canadian, I don’t think my efforts in that regard would have been appreciated.

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Long Story Short – I’m hearing good things about Long Story Short, a new family devotional book. For the next 48 hours you can get it for just $6.99 from New Growth Press.

The Morning After – Dr. Mohler helps us all make sense of the election results from yesterday. “Evangelicals tend to swing between extremes when it comes to politics and elections. We are too easily elated and too readily depressed. Make no mistake. The election results of 2010 will lead to big changes in Washington and far beyond. That in itself is good news. But all this must be put in a truly Christian context.”

From the Book of Davidicus – I got a laugh out of this blog post in which a father writes to his kids about how they must divide the spoils on Halloween. “Of the spoils of your wandering, you shall devote a tenth of the firstfruits to your father. But take heed that you devote what has chocolate, so that he shall be pleased with what he receives.”

The Grindstone – Though I haven’t listened to them myself, I’ve heard that the two sessions on biblical theology on this page (scroll down a bit) are well worth listening to. They are led by Michael Lawrence, formerly of Capital Hill Baptist Church.

Pants? – You never know what you’re going to find in Amazon’s Gold Box deals. Today they’ve got some great specials on men’s dress pants. Personally I can’t imagine buying pants online. But I suppose if you want to save a few bucks, this would be a way of doing so.

TimeScapes – This is a stunning timelapse video (though I can’t quite figure out why there’s that really brief shot of the girls in bathing suits).

The message of the gospel is a noise, not a communication, until God tunes the set of man’s heart. –Arthur C. Custance.