A La Carte (1/2)

Tuesday January 2, 2007

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Audio: Paul Edwards will have Don Kistler as guest on his radio program today at 5 PM EST to discuss Jonathan Edwards’ Resolutions, their depth and how they compare (or not) with the shallow New Year’s resolutions of our day.

Blogging: A short time ago a journalist wrote an article entitled “The Blog Mob: Written By Fools To Be Read By Imbeciles.” Hugh Hewitt had a chat with this guy. Check out a portion of the transcript here.

Video: This may be the most boring video feed ever. It’s cheddarvision, a place you can watch cheese grow mold! Whee!

Church: Phillip Way asks (and answers) “Do churches die?”

Blogs: Rick and Nancy Pearcey now have a blog to go along with The Pearcey Report.