A La Carte (4/5)

The Resolutions Poster – I like this–a poster that lists Jonathan Edwards’ resolutions. “In addition to spurring you on to good works by displaying the timeless tenets of one of America’s most famous preachers, Jonathan Edwards, it will also help other Christians pursue a more godly life, as all proceeds will be used to pay for tuition, books and other education-related expenses for fellow believers wishing to attend the prestigious Ligonier Academy.”

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Desktop Wallpaper – In case you missed it on the weekend, here are some free wallpapers to pretty up your desktop (or iPhone or iPad or…) this month.

[email protected] – I haven’t been able to listen to these messages yet, but they sound intriguing–Leland Ryken discussing the impact of the KJV 400 years later.

Koran Burning – Veith: “Terry Jones, that Florida preacher, went ahead and burned a copy of the Koran, even though he had said that he wouldn’t.   So a mob in Afghanistan killed seven UN workers. Many more foreigners were injured and there are reports of other deaths in other incidents. See this vivid account.”

Mormon Prophets – An interesting article from USA Today. “Mormon President Thomas S. Monson, his two right-hand men and 12 apostles will take to the podium at this weekend’s General Conference and offer sermons that many Mormons will treat like faxes from God.”

The Hiding PlaceThe Hiding Place is this month’s free download at ChristianAudio.

Come Ye Sinners – “Come Ye Sinners” Indelible Grace style…

None but God knows what an abyss of corruption is in my heart. –Robert Murray M’Cheyne