A La Carte (1/23)

Pastoral Confidentiality – There have been various articles about pastoral confidentiality. I really appreciate what Tom Ascol says; he seems to strike a healthy balance between the extremes.

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Boycotting Companies – R.C. Sproul Jr. answers this question: “Do Christians have a moral obligation to boycott companies that support unbiblical causes?”

D.A. Carson on Complementarianism – Here’s a Q&A with D.A. Carson. He answers questions arising from his thorough argument for the equality of men and women but their different purposes under God. (Here’s a message from the same event.)

Authors and Interviews – Authors or anyone else who is interviewed would do well to read this: “Interviews. They can be enlightening and entertaining. But all too often they’re thoroughly irritating for everyone involved. I know about this from personal experience. After producing radio shows for a number of years, I’ve heard more bad interviews than I’d like to count.”

God Came Down – Kim Shay shares Juanita Stauffer’s story. Stauffer’s teenaged daughter was murdered four years ago and now her mother tells how the Lord sustained the family in that time.

Train Your Kids in Cell Phone Use – “Apart from giving them the Gospel, the single best thing we can do for our kids’ college, career, and marriage prospects is to train them to be self-disciplined in their cell phone use.” David offers ten benefits of doing this.

How a Key Works – A short animated gif finally explains it in a way that makes sense.

God loveth the lowest saint more than the highest angel loveth God. –Thomas Manton