A La Carte (12/6)

The Royal Fetus – Denny Burk asks an insightful question: With all this coverage, I just have one question. Why is it that I have yet to hear or read anyone refer to her unborn child as the “royal fetus”? Oh, I’m sure someone has used the term “fetus,” but it seems to me that the preferred term is “royal baby” or “child,” even though the Duchess of Cambridge is in the very early stages of pregnancy.

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Rick Warren’s ResurrectionNewsweek has an article about Rick Warren and how he is attempting to return to the spotlight. It’s not an awfully well-written article, but it’s interesting all the same.

Sexual Freedom – Trevin Wax says that sexual freedom always curtails other freedoms. “There is no such thing as absolute freedom when it comes to sexuality. The moment we celebrate or endorse certain behaviors, we curtail freedom in other areas. This is the nature of freedom.”

Jason Meyer – An article at Desiring God introduces Jason Meyer, the pastor who will take over at Bethlehem Baptist Church when John Piper steps aside.

The Counter-Intuitive Calvin – Reading this article by Tim Keller–an article in which he reflects on what he’s learned from reading Calvin’s Institutes–will probably make you want to read Calvin as well.

Getting Better and Preaching – Mark Driscoll provides a really helpful response to someone who asked him how he can be a better preacher.

Genius: The Movie – Ray Comfort has just released a new film called Genius that is free online. Love him or hate him, it’s probably worth the half-hour investment.

If truth were told, most of us spend longer each day on personal cleanliness than on practical godliness. –Alistair Begg