A La Carte (12/6)

Wednesday December 6, 2006

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People: Time Magazine features Chris Tomlin in its latest issue. “I try to think, How do I craft this song in a way that the person who’s tone-deaf and can’t clap on two and four can sing it?” says the songwriter. “I hope that when someone hears a CD of mine, they pick up their guitar and say, ‘O.K., I can do that.'” Which is not the way people react to, say, Handel’s Messiah.

Nature: Here is a neat story about a canine hero. “Timberwolf mixed dog named Shana is quite a canine hero in Alden as the story spreads of her efforts to save her owners during the October surprise storm.”

Science: Colson has a good article in CT dealing with the “War on the Weak.”

Audio: Monergism Books is having a big sale on some great audio books.