A La Carte (1/6)

The Case of the Missing Mileage – “Contrary to common perception, the major automakers have produced large increases in fuel efficiency through better technology in recent decades. There’s just one catch: All those advances have barely increased the mileage per gallon that autos actually achieve on the road.” Learn why.

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Best Sellers of 2011 – Westminster Books has their 18 bestselling books of 2011 all at 50% off for a limited time. Meanwhile Crossway has all of their ebooks at $5.99 or less.

Apps Permissions – This may be a useful thing for you to do if you’re a Facebook or Google or Twitter (or…) user: Go here are see who has permission to access your accounts. Then remove the ones who don’t need access anymore.

The Confession App – This article discusses a Roman Catholic iPhone app. “They never dreamed their Confession app, which provides a step-by-step guide to giving confessions, would turn out to be such a hit, breaking into the iPhone App Store’s top 25 most popular apps shortly after its late January release.”

The Pursuit of Holiness – The January edition of Tabletalk magazine has an excellent interview with Jerry Bridges.

Mouse Tales – Here are reviews of 3 books for kids, all of which involve mice. “What is it about these little creatures that makes them such a staple of fantasy fiction? From Mrs. Frisby to Reepicheep to Matthias to the immortal Mickey, mice have aspired to greatness, even heroism.”

Boost Your Reading Comprehension – “With all of the things out there to read on the internet—all of the blogs we want to keep up with and all of the news funneled to us every day—how can you make sure you read each item in a way that really enriches your life?”

To bring our minds under Christ’s yoke is not to deny our rationality but to submit to his revelation. –John Stott