A La Carte (2/1)

Like everyone else between here and Texas, we’re about to get walloped by a snow storm. They’re calling it the storm of the year. Should be interesting. We’ve had this one coming…

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DG Live-Stream – The Desiring God conference for pastors is on right now. You can catch live-streaming of the event at DG’s web site.

Free Audio Book – This month’s free audio book at ChristianAudio is Adopted for Life by Russell Moore. This is a fantastic book, so be sure to grab it!

The Gospel and Sexual Sin – Justin Holcomb: “Victims of sexual assault experience many devastating physical, psychological, and emotional effects. The most prevalent responses include denial, distorted self-image, shame, guilt, anger, and despair. If this is you (or someone you love), you need to understand that the gospel of Jesus applies to each of these.”

Media Discernment – “There’s been lots of talk and buzz concerning MTV’s controversial teen drama, Skins. In perfect world we wouldn’t be talking about Skins because it wouldn’t exist. In a near-perfect world we would be able to step into our kids’ lives and simply tell them to turn it off, or don’t turn it on in the first place. . . and they would gladly listen knowing that we had their best interests in mind. But the fact of the matter is that we don’t live a perfect world. So what do we do?” (HT:Z)

Jesus Body Was Broken – This week Mounce asks “Was Jesus’ Body ‘For’ You or ‘Broken’ for You?” “My brother-in-law asked me a question that came up in his Bible study the other day, and it illustrates several interesting points of Greek grammar. Thanks Terry.” Must be handy to have a Greek scholar in the family…

12 Questions to Ask of Albums – A handy guide to being a discerning listener: “My purpose in writing these 12 questions is to help people to foster what we might call joined-up listening – taking an album’s form, music, lyrics and construction as an integrated whole where possible.”

Improv Everywhere – It’s not their best ever, but it’s still enjoyable.

The Son cannot die for them whom the Father never elected, and the Spirit will never sanctify them whom the Father hath not elected nor the Son redeemed. –Thomas Manton