A La Carte (2/8)

Writing Is Easy – Peggy Noonan on writing and speaking: “If you try to write ‘good lines’ you’ll likely wind up with strings of dumb, unconnected applause lines. The audience will probably applaud—crowds of supporters are dutiful that way, and people want to be polite—but they’ll know they’re applauding an applause line, not a thought…”

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Our Universe – Fox: “The week’s best images of our solar system, the galaxy and everything out there, putting you in touch with the most distant parts of the heavens.” That description is a wee bit dramatic, but the photos are well worth a look.

Christian Liberty – Erik Raymond is learning and teaching what it means for a church to be gospel-centered. Most recently he looked at Christian liberty. “Paul’s true freedom is not in what he can enjoy but what he can freely give up. He is not a slave to the weak, the Jews, the Greeks, or anyone else. He is a slave of Christ and a servant to all. This is for the sake of the gospel.”

Audio Books – ChristianAudio has a few good books on sale. Just click the link and scroll down; you can get God’s Smuggler for free and several others for $4.98.

$5 Friday – Ligonier Ministries has some good products on sale today for $5–a couple of books by Sinclair Ferguson, several teaching series by R.C. Sproul, and even $10 gift certificates at half price.

Watching Porn – Al Mohler linked to this article yesterday that traces how watching pornography leads to the acceptance of homosexuality. Meanwhile David Murray says to Prepare for Gay Marriage.

Dramatic Iceland – This is a great timelapse video of Iceland.

Nothing sets a person so much out of the devil’s reach as humility. Jonathan Edwards