A La Carte (3/17)

iPhone Bible Reader
This Bible reading software for the iPhone is getting better and better.

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How to Be a Reader (When You Can’t Afford Books)
Here is some advice by T-Wax on how to read a lot even when your budget can’t support constant book buying.

Calvinism Old and New
R. Scott Clark says “Rather than respond point by point to Pastor Driscoll’s original post I want to challenge the premise on which it rests, namely that his theology, piety, and practice is genuinely “Calvinist” and second, that “Calvinism” can be reduced to the doctrine of predestination that can be re-contextualized in congregations which are at odds with the Reformed confession.”

Deal of the Day: March Mania
CBD is having “March Mania” this month. You’ll have to look to find the deals, but there are some to be had. See especially under the Academic link if you want deals on some great reference books.