A La Carte (3/22)

I promised that if you kept buying The Next Story in the Kindle version, the price would keep falling. Well, it’s now down to $7.99. Remember, for every 200 people who buy it, the price falls by $1. I’m pretty sure it will fall at least a dollar more. So keep buying it! (Note: those who bought at a higher price will be charged the lower price)

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An MLB Contract – This one’s for baseball geeks only. If you’ve ever wondered what an actual baseball contract looks like, well, here you go. You can now see how many uniforms a team has to provide, what sports a player is forbidden to play, etc.

Why Is Hell Forever? – Russell Moore answers the question. “The sinner in hell does not become morally neutral upon his sentence to hell. We must not imagine the damned displaying gospel repentance and longing for the presence of Christ. They do indeed, as in the story of the rich man and Lazarus, seek for an escape from punishment, but they are not new creations. They do not in hell love the Lord their God with heart, mind, soul, and strength.”

Google vs Content Farms – You may have heard about Google tweaking their algorithm to eliminate some of the worst search results. This infographic tells you how it worked out.

Always the Last to Know – Ed Welch: “The problem with anger is that those who don’t have the problem take it to heart; those who are angry are confident in their right-ness and over time can become massively, utterly, completely deluded, blind and (this is no exaggeration) can feel quite good about themselves after bludgeoning someone close them, as if they have set the world aright. Arrgghh. I hate anger.”

Forgiveness – Mounce doing what he does. For a guy who knows very little Greek, I sure do enjoy this weekly blog.

Successful Teachers – “In order to be a good teacher, you don’t have to be a Christian. But you must model Christian principles. For Christianity is not just a religion, or some compartmentalized facet of existence. Rather, it testifies to reality itself, the true nature of all that exists. So when we teach according to Christ’s example, we teach more effectively.”

Thoughts are the parents of words and deeds. –J.C. Ryle