A La Carte (3/9)

Sound Doctrine, Sound Words
Here is Part 1 of Phil Johnson’s Shepherds’ Conference talk on “Sound Doctrine, Sound Words.” “I’m deeply concerned about the tendency of so many pastors lately to employ profanity, crude and obscene words, vile subject matter, carnal topics, graphic sexual imagery, erotic language, and filthy jokes. Most of you, I know, are aware of the trend I’m talking about. I’m tempted to call it the pornification of the pulpit.”

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Technology Sabbath
Here is one of a growing number of articles dealing with taking a break from technology. “According to a 2005 survey, most Americans–including children–spend at least nine hours a day watching TV, surfing the web, or talking on their cell phones. Of those hours, one-third of the time is spent using two or more of those media at once.”

How to Design and Arrange a Room
Matt gives an overview of how to design, furnish and arrange a room.

Win a Pass to Gospel Coalition
Crossway is giving away three passes to The Gospel Coalition conference. Click to find out how you can enter the draw.

Choose the Book Cover
Trevin Wax is looking for input on the cover he should choose for his forthcoming book.

Deal of the Day: The Works of Jonathan Edwards
Monergism Books is offering The Works of Jonathan Edwards (two-volume set) at a steep discount. You may also be interested in Lost Treasures of the Bible which is on sale as well.