A La Carte (4/18)

eBook Sales – Evidence of a massive shift in publishing: “The publishing tide is shifting fast: E-book sales in February topped all other formats, including paperbacks and hardcovers, according to an industry report released this week.” Speaking of which, the Kindle now has a version that just barely tops $100.

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Future Leaders – Brian Croft has a useful article on how pastors can identity future leaders within the church.

Where We Can’t Follow Jesus – This blogger went looking for “human character issues that Jesus did not and cannot model for us.” He came up with an interesting list.

3 Cups of Tea – “Greg Mortenson’s books have made him a publishing phenomenon and sought-after speaker on the lecture circuit, where he has attained a cult-like status. He regularly draws crowds of several thousand people and $30,000 per engagement.” But increasing evidence says he may be a bit of a fraud.

Did Lincoln Believe in God? – The latest in a debate that won’t end until the Lord returns. “A newly resurfaced letter from the 19th century is raising questions once again about the 16th president’s relationship with God. The three-page letter, which was written by Lincoln’s old law partner, William Herndon, and just went up for sale for a price of $35,000, claims that Honest Abe was driven not by faith, but by politics.”

Lame Christian Movies – A writer for Salon asks why Christian movies are so lame. Here are some comments on Soul Surfer: “It’s a trite, sentimental puddle of sub-Hollywood mush, with mediocre photography, weak special effects and an utterly formulaic script that somehow required seven (!) credited writers. Believe me, I have learned, over and over again, that ordinary moviegoers, a lot of the time, want to see a story that’s positive, predictable and not all that challenging, but even measured on that yardstick this one is pretty awful.” I don’t agree with all the author says, but he raises some valid points.