T4G – Wrapup

No sooner had the T4G ‘08 conference wrapped up than I jumped in a van with a pack of guys from my church and headed straight home. We made it back to Toronto in pretty good time and with fewer adventures than on the way down. I enjoyed talking to the guys about their impressions of the conference and benefited from debriefing with them. There were lots of laughs and lots of good talks. Though there was a variety of opinions on which of the messages was best or most applicable or most challenging, we all agreed that it was a very good conference and I think we all returned home much encouraged.

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If you would like to hear the conference messages, they are all available for you (and entirely free). You can find them right here: Together For the Gospel Sermons. Though each of them is well worth the listen, I would definitely recommend R.C. Sproul and John Piper. Those were the ones I found most personally challenging and edifying.

Here is a video containing some “exit interviews” with various participants of the Together for the Gospel ‘08 event. It concludes with some words from one of the youngest participants there—very reassuring about the rising generation!