A La Carte (4/30)

How Will My Son Be Saved? – I think I’m pretty much linking to everything Greg writes at his Wrestling with an Angel blog. What can I say? I find it all so good. In the latest post he wrestles with how his severely disabled son will be saved.

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Lessons from H1N1 – TIME goes looking for lessons from the H1N1 panic of last year. Their response seems to tend toward the politically correct. Nevertheless, it’s worth reading. “Yet catastrophe never came, and the total U.S. death toll from H1N1 — about 13,000 people over the past year — was considerably smaller than the 36,000 people who are estimated to die each year from the regular, seasonal flu. Millions of doses of H1N1 vaccine expired unused on doctors’ shelves, and health officials are now under fire for over-hyping what seemed like a harmless bug. So, was H1N1 much ado about nothing?”

The Coming Meltdown in Higher Education – Seth Godin pens a good article on education. “For 400 years, higher education in the US has been on a roll. From Harvard asking Galileo to be a guest professor in the 1600s to millions tuning in to watch a team of unpaid athletes play another team of unpaid athletes in some college sporting event, the amount of time and money and prestige in the college world has been climbing. I’m afraid that’s about to crash and burn.”

Reflections on Leading at T4G – Bob Kauflin reflects on leading 7,000 people in worship at the recent Together for the Gospel conference.