A La Carte (5/17)

I know there are some of you who don’t care a lick for baseball. And for that reason I try not to mention my Blue Jays too often. But if you’re into baseball at all, you should check out this article on Jose Bautista and the season he’s having so far. Granting that there’s still a lot of baseball to play, the man is tearing the league apart. In fact, if he keeps it up (which he probably won’t), he might just have the best season of all-time.

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10 Things Submission Is Not – This is a good article that deals with what is not true about biblical submission. Someone should write up a companion (“10 Things Leadership Is Not”); do that and make it good and I’ll give it a link as well!

Children! – Bill Mounce asks a question about a translation choice in John 21 where Jesus calls the disciples “children.” “There is no way that a grown man would yell out “children” to another group of grown men, and fishermen to boot…”

Inspiring Bookstores – One great loss as the world transitions to ebooks will be the bookstore. Here is a gallery of some particularly impressive ones.

But God… – Aaron Armstrong writes a glowing review of Cruciform Press’ latest book, But God. “Because “But God…” and all of the publisher’s titles are held to a strict word count, their authors are not afforded room to meander. They have to get to the point, which (I know from experience) can prove difficult. But in this book’s case, the result is a refreshingly concise, yet comprehensive biblical theology of grace that left this reader more in awe of the grace of God.”

Attention Spans – And while we’re on the subject of short books, WSJ has an article in praise of shortened attention spans. Because otherwise we are all prone to meander (as Aaron has just suggested!).

Suffering as a Gift of Grace – Drew wrestles with a tough verse here, and offers up some good thoughts on what it means that we suffer for Christ’s sake.

Texting Mom – I enjoyed this video.

A dog barks when his master is attacked. I would be a coward if I saw that God’s truth is attacked and yet would remain silent. –John Calvin