A La Carte (5/23)

The Big Picture – The Big Picture has a gallery of photos of the devastation in Oklahoma. Also, these before and after pictures are startling and display the power of the storm.

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Modern Parables 2 – I have often expressed my appreciation for the Modern Parables series of films. Well, they are now using Kickstarter to try to fund a second series of films. Check it out and consider being part of it! (And if you’ve never checked out the first series, you should.)

The Sensuous Christian – Here’s a quote from R.C. Sproul. It tells about a book he’s almost written several times.

The Case for Man/Woman Marriage – This is a great little video that gives a case for maintaining marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman. If there’s a problem with it, it’s simply that this is an issue won and lost on the emotional, not the logical, level.

King Solomon’s Commencement Address – I read yesterday that not one of the Ivy League schools has a conservative giving the commencement address this year. Well, maybe they should have asked King Solomon. Joe Carter speculates on what Solomon would tell them.

50 Common Misquotations – Here are 50 common misquotations you should stop using.

It must not content us to take our bodies to church if we leave our hearts at home. –J.C. Ryle