A La Carte (5/3)

5 Reasons You May Not See Spiritual Growth – Jonathan Dodson offers five reasons that you may not be seeing spiritual growth at the moment.

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Amillennialism 101 – Monergism Books would like to send you a free CD. “With the generous permission of Dr. Kim Riddlebarger, Monergism is giving away for free this incredible CD of his lectures and sermons. This mp3 CD includes Riddlebarger’s 16-part lecture series on Amillennialism 101 as well as his 32-part sermon series on the book of Revelation. This CD will be mailed directly and we only ask that you cover the cost of shipping.”

Extreme Earth Photos – Here are some great wallpapers from National Geographic. Or if you’re more into Mac than nature, you may like to check out these wallpapers.

Delaying Adulthood – “Despite living in an age of iPads and hybrid cars, young Americans are more like the young adults of the early 1900s than the baby boom generation: They are living at home longer, are financially insecure and are making lower wages.”