A La Carte (6/18)

Wednesday June 18, 2008

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Top Five Commentaries
Keith Mathison at the Ligonier blog is posting his top five commentary recommendations on a variety of books of the Bible.

Taking The Shack to the Shed
CT’s “Out of Ur” blog discusses some of the reactions to The Shack.

Thinking Biblically
John MacArthur has a good and short article on biblical discernment.

Maggie Gallagher on Gay Marriage
An article well worth reading. “Gay-marriage advocates are willing to use a variety of arguments to allay fears and reduce opposition to getting this new ‘equality’ principle inserted in the law; these voices may even believe what they are saying. But once the principle is in the law, the next step will be to use the law to stigmatize, marginalize, and repress those who disagree with the government’s new views on marriage and sexual orientation.” (HT: DB)