A La Carte (6/23)

To Be Like Jesus
Bob Kauflin has announced the release of the new CD from Sovereign Grace Music. It is titled To Be Like Jesus and “contains twelve worship songs that teach the fruit of the Spirit in a creative and memorable way. Through these songs kids will learn that Jesus is our perfect example of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. More than that, they’ll discover that we can’t be like Jesus unless we trust in the power of his cross to forgive us and the power of his Spirit to change us.”‘

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A Letter from Ray Ortlund to his Family
Josh Harris: “I came across a letter that the late Ray Ortlund wrote for his family before he went to be with the Lord. His son, Ray Ortlund, Jr., found it in his father’s desk and I’m grateful that he and his mother chose to share it with others. I know very little about this man, but I’d like to end my life like him, trusting God and encouraging my family to love and serve Jesus Christ. Read the letter.”

Everybody Needs a Little Love
Here’s another entry in “Mondays with Mounce.” This week he looks at the well-worn Greek words for love.

What Scott asked Kurt
Scott Anderson: “Today, at the Marketplace One Leadership Institute, our class had the interesting opportunity to do about 40 minutes of Q&A with Kurt Warner, quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals.” Scott asked a good question and got a great answer.

Something to think about while shopping: “More than 98% of supposedly natural and environmentally friendly products on US supermarket shelves are making potentially false or misleading claims, Congress has been told. And 22% of products making green claims bear an environmental badge that has no inherent meaning, said Scot Case, of the environmental consulting firm TerraChoice.”