A La Carte (7/17)

Why Disabilities? – David Murray offers answers to good questions. “There are 600 million people with disabilities in the world? Why so many? What’s God’s purpose in this?”

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Biblical Theology of Motherhood – Here’s one to print off and read when you’ve got a few minutes to take it slowly and read carefully.

Summer Fellowship – If you are in the Toronto area, you may be interested in Westminster Chapel’s Summer Fellowship which includes a pretty good list of speakers.

Responding to Criticism – Good stuff from Thom Rainer: “Most of us are old enough to remember the pre-Internet days. Leaders during this earlier era were subject to criticisms, but the platforms of the critics were few. They could possibly write a critical book about a leader, but such an undertaking assumed that the criticized leader had sufficient recognition to write a book about him or her.”

When Pastors Should Be Fearful – Paul Tripp: “In a sin-broken world that doesn’t function as God intended there are reasons for every pastor to be afraid. It would be silly and unwise not to be. But you must guard your heart against being ruled by fear. So let’s take an honest look at fear and pastoral ministry.”

God is not required to seek the sinner’s permission for doing with the sinner what he pleases. –R.C. Sproul