A La Carte (7/22)

Dangers Facing Over-Churched Kids – Tony Kummer has some good warnings for parents of church kids. “These are the children who attend every service, and can’t remember anytime when they didn’t come to church. In my ministry, most of these kids also attend a Christian school. They can recite the books of the Bible, they’ve memorized countess Scripture verses, and they know details about Bible stories that I can’t even remember.”

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Screening the Net for Barbarity – Here is an odious job (much like the people who have to give ratings to movies). And yet it’s a job necessitated by our digital world. “An Internet content reviewer, Mr. Bess sifts through photographs that people upload to a big social networking site and keeps the illicit material — and there is plenty of it — from being posted. His is an obscure job that is repeated thousands of times over, from office parks in suburban Florida to outsourcing hubs like the Philippines.”

What Amazon Didn’t Say – This article contains information about what Amazon didn’t say in their announcement about the dominance of the e-book.