A La Carte (7/6)

Precious Beyond Words – Randy Alcorn expresses his love and admiration for Sono Sato Harris who went to be with the Lord just two days ago.

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Iceberg Art – God is the world’s best artist. Here he displays some of his work in icebergs.

Giveaways – My friend Becky keeps giving away awesome stuff through her site (well, let’s be honest–it’s awesome if you’re a woman; guys probably aren’t quite so interested).

Christian Audio Sale – Christian Audio is having a 72-hour sale on Randy Alcorn’s books, one of which is priced at just $0.98.

Why Morning People Rule the World – I enjoyed reading this article which tells why morning people rule the world. “Morning-ness is perceived as a sign of activity and zest, whereas evening-ness implies laziness and loafing…. History is full of great bores praising the virtues of early rising, but few have made the case for letting the day drift by until you kick into gear around happy hour.”

Haiti’s Camps of Despair – “Six months after the earthquake, life in Haiti’s 1,300 camps is crowded, unsanitary and increasingly dangerous. Sue Montgomery goes back to Port-au-Prince and finds electricity, water and schools, but little real shelter in the makeshift settlements. And for most people, proper housing is years away.”