A La Carte (7/9)

Proven Weapons – John Piper: “Having promises at hand that suit the temptation of the hour is one key to successful warfare against sin. But there are times when we don’t have a perfectly suited word from God in our minds. And there is no time to look through the Bible for a tailor-made promise. So we all need to have a small arsenal of general promises ready to use whenever fear or craving threaten to lead us astray.” Read it!

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Secular Beatitudes – I haven’t listened to the sermon, but I did appreciate Josh Harris’ list of secular beatitudes.

Financial Strategy – Rick Thomas has a helpful look at creating a financial strategy for your family finances. As he says, this is not the way, but one way, of doing it. But everyone ought to have some deliberate plan for faithfully stewarding the money God gives us.

State Names – Here’s a brief look at how all 50 states got their names.

The Missional Mom – Mary Kassian does a good job of reviewing a book about being a missional mom. “I’m all for women living out their motherhood in light of the Great Commission, being intentional about ministry, and engaging in the lives of others in appropriate ways in the various seasons of life. Lee’s book challenges moms to be missional. I just wish it had affirmed that when a woman has young children, they are an important part of her mission—and that sometimes, the most missional thing a mom can do is to say “no” to outside opportunities and focus on being a mom.”

We must fall into the arms of Christ or into the flames of hell. –John Mason