A La Carte (8/12)

Pray for Your President – Trevin Wax gives you a few good reasons to pray for your President.

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The Faith of Katy Perry – Denny Burk looks at an article in Rolling Stone about pop singer Katy Perry (who was formerly known as Christian singer Katy Hudson).

Randy Alcorn on C.S. Lewis – Randy Alcorn begins to describe how C.S. Lewis has influenced his life and his writing (and also explains how Americans get their bad reputation as tourists!).

You Will Suffer For Your Work – Matt Perman: “I feel like I could write a trillion words on the subject, and I hope to write on this in more detail in the coming months (we’ll see). Ajith Fernando captures the essence of my thoughts very well in his article To Serve is To Suffer. He’s hitting a note that you rarely see these days, and I think he’s right on…”

Reading in a Whole New Way – Smithsonian.com has an article about how digital devices are changing the way we read. They seem quite enthusiastic about the whole thing.