A La Carte (6/29)

8 Writing Tips from C.S. Lewis – Here is a good list of writing tips from C.S. Lewis (some of which have been slightly modernized). “In 1959 an American schoolgirl wrote to C. S. Lewis asking him for advice on the craft of writing. He sent her a list of eight rules, and I add my own editorial comments to each of them.” (HT:TW)

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The Albert Mohler Show – I will be a guest on the Albert Mohler show this evening in case you’d like to tune in.

Rejection by Silent Majority – In this brief article Michael Krahn has some good things to say about Chris Tomlin and worship music.

Meet the Rizers – The Resurgence blog introduces The Rizers, a Disney-pop Scripture memory group for kids.

Nourishment for the Soul – Randy Alcorn shares some biblical wisdom on suffering.

Sacrilege – If you want to make a bunch of Canadians mad, this is probably the fastest way to go about it:

The Secret Powers of Time – This is quite an interesting presentation on the ways in which time shapes us (HT:ThePath):