A La Carte (8/7)

Yesterday I flew out to Prince Edward Island for the Gospel Coalition Atlantic Canada conference, which begins a bit later today. Our gate was moved three times and the flight ended up being well over an hour late, so we didn’t arrive until around 3 AM. Therefore, this is a slightly abbreviated A La Carte!

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One Race, Every Medalist – This is amazing–a chart that shows the evolution of the men’s 100-meter sprint at the Olympics. And while we’re on the Olympic theme, The Big Picture has a photo gallery dealing with gold.

Changed with Forgiveness – Here’s an interesting story of the power of forgiveness and the beauty of living like a Christian.

Tebow – One more sports-related story. I so enjoy watching the media try to figure out Tim Tebow. Here’s yet another take on the guy who just refuses to slip into moral failure despite endless opportunity and intense scrutiny.

Wayfarer – Christianity Today has a review of the new album from Wayfarer (an album I’ve really been enjoying). They give it 4 stars (and I completely concur with their short review).


You may know God, but not comprehend him. –Richard Baxter