A La Carte (9/11)

Praying for More than a Few Minutes
In this small article Paul describes why, at Grace Fellowship Church (aka my church) we set aside days of prayer. “When Grace Fellowship Church began we were one dependent lot. We had no money, no building, no people, and no guarantee of success. Yet, reading of two personalities from the past had recently impacted me…”

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Recommended Systematic Theologies
Keith Mathison provides a round-up of some of his highest recommendations for systematic theologies.

The Heavens and the Hubble
Dr. Mohler tells how the Hubble telescope is looking to the heavens and telling of God’s glory. “The images are simply amazing, even to a non-astronomer. These visions have never been seen by human eyes before. In these and so many other ways, this generation has glimpsed the grandeur of the creation like no generation before us.”

It Is Not Death To Die
Tullian Tchividjian writes movingly of his father who is in critical condition following a liver transplant. “When I walked into the ICU, I gasped. I cried. He was heavily sedated; tubes coming in and out of everywhere. Bloody bandages all over the place. He was bloated. He looked dead. Even though his eyes were closed and filled with tears, he would grimace in pain from time to time. I think he knew I was there-I’m banking on it, anyway.”