A La Carte (9/16)

I’m off to Toronto Pastors Fellowship (a ministry of my church) to hear Alistair Begg address a collection of local pastors. If you’re in the Toronto area, it’s not too late. Just head on over to the church; it’s a free event and promises to be worthwhile.

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The Reason for God – Next month will mark the release of Tim Keller’s The Reason for God DVD. Based on this trailer, it looks like it will be very, very interesting. “The Reason For God promises to be unlike any Christian DVD series we’ve ever seen. It shows the presenter (Keller) in live, unscripted conversation with an articulate group of six people who passionately disagree with Christian views.”

How Apple Products Make You a Better Christian – Stephen Altrogge explains how using Apple products will make you a better Christian.

Secular Values – Nancy Pearcey gives her take on the mosque at Ground Zero. “”Islamization” is coming to America. That’s the meaning behind the controversial Islamic community center-slash-mosque near Ground Zero. The secularization of the public square has created a vacuum that Islamicists are finding ways to exploit.”

Thoughts on Sentencing – Yesterday I mentioned that the man who murdered Emily Stauffer had been sentenced. Terry Stauffer has posted a grace-filled article reacting to the sentencing.

Our belief in the infallibility of Scripture arises not from an ability to prove that Scripture is perfect from start to finish. Rather it rests on Jesus’ own witness to Scripture. He believed and taught that it was the Word of God and therefore inherently trustworthy. Our belief in Scripture is dependent on our belief in Jesus. –Peter C. Moore