A La Carte (April 14)

Grace and peace to you today, my friends.

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There are a couple of Kindle books on sale—one by Kevin DeYoung and one by John Stott.

(Yesterday on the blog: 40 Random Pieces of Advice for the Christian Life)

Was Jesus Punctual?

I found this a very helpful cross-cultural look at punctuality. “The English phrase ‘don’t waste your time’ has an equivalent in Spanish: ‘no pierdas el tiempo’, which strictly translated means ‘don’t lose [the] time’. There is, nonetheless, a subtle difference between the English and the Spanish. Whereas a Westerner feels they can control time (by deciding whether to waste it or not), a Latin American feels they cannot control time (it gets lost).”

This is the Day

I think you’ll enjoy this new song from CityAlight. It’s another good one!

Ligonier Theological Study Guides

Ligonier Ministries has recently begun posting a series of theological study guides. Nick Batzig has rounded them up for us.

Seedlings Need The Weather

“When we asked a gardener friend, he told us that the absence of difficulty was not the solution to their problem. It was the problem. The trouble for our seedlings—the trouble that made them weak—was that they had no trouble. Without at least some exposure to the elements, they would never grow strong.” There’s a lesson to learn here.

Rethinking Pastoral Ministry Post-Covid

This article considers ministry post-COVID and how technology can or cannot take a new prominence.

A Lifetime of Preaching: A Conversation with Alistair Begg

This is a great little conversation with Alistair Begg as he recounts his decades of preaching the Word.

Flashback: Help! My Kids Are Looking at Porn!

Where the temptation will be to bludgeon your children with reasons they should not look at porn, your time will be spent far more effectively if you are able to slow down, ask lots of questions, and engage them in conversation.

In the darkest night of the soul, Christians have something to hold onto…Christ crucified. —D.A. Carson