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A La Carte (April 16)


Good morning! The Lord bless and keep you today.

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Please Stay

Kristin pleads with those who are [unnecessarily] considering leaving their church. “Stay in your Bible preaching church with imperfect people, imperfect pastors and imperfect teachers. Stay and commit to hiding God’s word in your heart, reading and meditating every single day. Stay and humbly repent of your own sins. Stay and pray for others. Stay and serve. Stay and speak a kind word. Stay and confront a grievous sin. Stay and be confronted. Stay and forgive. Stay and encourage your pastor, who is often left alone to carry the weight of his calling and the weight of his flock.”

God Doesn’t Need You

It’s just so important, and so freeing, to remember that God doesn’t need any of us. “We serve him not because he needs us to, but because he has given us everything we have. This is the reason that God demands that we give allegiance to him.”

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Mark Dever and John Piper will be guest speakers at the Radius Missiology Conference this year. Breakout panels on Bible Translation, the Family in Missions, a Sober look into Movement Methodologies, and free giveaways from Banner of Truth, 9Marks, and Desiring God. (Sponsored Link)

Comfort One Another

“What I want to point out is that we have a fascination with the end of the world—whether fictitious or Scriptural. We’re entertained by it, frightened by it, motivated to action by it. However, we often overlook one end of eschatology. We are commanded to comfort one another with our talks of the End…”

The ‘Human Stock Market’ Is Here

Chris Martin does lots of interesting writing about new technologies and in this article he looks at the new “human stock market.” “As new technologies make it possible for online influencers to monetize every aspect of their lives and personalities, the pressure to constantly “perform” the self will only intensify. And the temptations of this brave new world aren’t just for the most successful influencers; they will be temptations for all of us.”

How Not to Speak Truth to Power

Carl Trueman: “Does anyone seriously think Cher is a racist because she tweets about wishing she could have helped George Floyd? Or that Gwen Stefani’s fashion choices are cultural appropriation? Indeed, is cultural appropriation even a coherent concept? The new New Left seems to prefer games of ‘gotcha!’ to anything resembling real critical thinking.”

What to Do While Waiting on The Lord

“We’ve all experienced waiting on the Lord. Waiting seems to be one of the Lord’s favorite sanctification tools. Waiting can come in all shapes and sizes. Perhaps you’ve experienced trouble conceiving a child, and you have been waiting and praying for that positive pregnancy test result. Yet month after month, disappointment.”

Flashback: The Brambles and the Mud

I began to grab handfuls of sin from inside my heart, tracing it and finding that it is long and broad, that it branches into other areas, that it intersects other veins, that it goes deep.

I may know all the doctrines in the Bible, but unless I know Christ, there, is not one of them that can save me.

—Charles Spurgeon

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    Let’s Hear It For the Second Parents

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    The Glorious End without the Difficult Means

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