A La Carte (April 24)

Grace and peace to you on this fine day.

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(Yesterday on the blog: The Bible Never Offers a Drink from Shallow Waters)

Analogies for the Trinity Considered, Including Bad Ones

This is an interesting observation: “The Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed, which are the two most important confessions of faith that teach the doctrine of the Trinity, never even use the word ‘three.’ They say nothing about ‘how God is three in one.’ Rather, they teach that God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. You can count to three if you want, but it’s hardly essential, and in fact you’ll understand the doctrine better if you forget about counting.”

The Kigali Commitment — the statement from GAFCON 4

This was an encouraging report from GAFCON (despite this sad intro). “In a couple of weeks, King Charles III will swear in his Coronation Oath to maintain and defend ‘the true profession of the gospel… the Protestant Reformed religion’. Sadly, the current leadership of the Church of England has chosen not to maintain and defend this faith but to subvert and replace it with something else more amenable to modern culture.”

Lessons About God from Job

This is a helpful summary of the big message at the heart of the book of Job.

4 Benefits of Developing Position Papers in a Ministry Context

“Going through the process of developing position papers increased our clarity, confidence, compassion, and consistency.” Our elders have found the same as we’ve worked through the issues and written out position papers.

My Son’s Short Life Was Not a Waste

“Tugi Mbugua Musyimi was a part of our family for nine months. God began knitting him together in his mother’s womb at some point in July 2022. From the moment we first learned of his existence, we were excited as God answered our prayer to grow our family.” John Musyimi testifies to God’s purposes even through sorrow.

Why God Made You for Membership

“In an age that suspects and even despises authority, church membership is a loud, arresting statement of our devotion to Christ.”

Flashback: Deconstruction, Exvangelicals, and Jumping Overboard from an Ocean Liner

We hear a lot about “deconstruction” these days and a lot about “exvangelicals.” And though the terms may be new, the reality is as old as the church itself—some will profess faith for a time and then fall away.

The great enemy of peace is the consciousness of sin. He who would give us peace must deal with that first. —F.B. Meyer