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A La Carte (April 27)


Good morning from Fort Worth where the Called to Counsel conference will begin a bit later in the day. I’m pleased to be able to lead a new track on the subject of grief.

(Yesterday on the blog: All, Every, and Not One)

Pornography Poisons Everything

Phil Cotnoir has an insightful article about “how pornography poisons everything it touches, individually and corporately, inside the church and out.”

Autism In The Church – A Parent’s Perspective

There are some good pointers here for churches that want to help those with autism be part of the church (and to help their families).

How can we persuade someone that church membership is important? (Video)

Sinclair Ferguson considers what the Bible says about belonging to the church—and why it knows nothing of those who won’t belong to a church.

Think Little

Though we are usually encouraged to think big, there is a lot of value in thinking little. “The problem isn’t our desire to do something great with our lives. The problem is with our definition of greatness.”

It Never Gets Old

“My conversion was a simple one, perched on a log there by Strawberry Creek. The transformation, not so much. The steps leading from there to here as convoluted as any, I suppose. And yet here I am, five decades later, still in awe of it all. In awe of Him—the One who saw me. Who loved me. Who loves me still.”

Ethical challenges posed by biological neuronal networks

With every new technology comes new ethical challenges…

Flashback: One Way To Know You’re Being Persecuted

If we experience hardship at the hands of men—suffering, trials, injustices—and find our hearts rejoicing rather than embittered, thankful rather than spiteful, satisfied rather than grumbly, we may well take this as evidence that we are suffering persecution and being filled with God’s Spirit to endure it well, to endure it for his glory.

If, by faith, we consecrate our work to God and aim to love both our coworkers and our customers, we serve the Lord and he remembers it.

—Daniel Doriani

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  • How Should We Then Die

    How Should We Then Die?

    Euthanasia makes a lot of sense. At least in our culture at this time, it makes intuitive sense that those who are ill without hope for a cure or those who are in pain without likelihood of relief ought to be able to choose to end their own lives. Our culture assumes there are few…

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    The Sun Is Blotted from the Sky

    Men of great physical strength have sometimes carried outrageously heavy burdens—six hundred pounds, seven hundred pounds, eight hundred. And even then they have said, “I still have not been fully tested. Put on some more weight! Load me up!” With confidence they have gripped the bar and with great straining and groaning they have lifted…

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