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A La Carte (April 4)

A La Carte Thursday 1

The grace of the Lord Jesus be with you today.

There are a couple of new Kindle deals to take a look at. They include Andy Naselli’s excellent Romans: A Concise Guide to the Greatest Letter Ever Written.

(Yesterday on the blog: Random Thoughts on Being a Dad)

Is the Lord’s Supper a Feast or a Funeral?

This is an important word about the appropriate posture as we participate in the Lord’s Supper. “When we approach the Lord’s Supper we should do so with an attitude marked primarily by joy, and not sorrow. We come singing and rejoicing, not mourning or weeping. Yet, how can this be if the thought of death pervades the very foundations of the sacrament? The answer lies in the gospel.”

Keeping the “Para” in Parachurch Ministries

There’s lots of wisdom here about the relationship of Christians and churches to parachurch ministries. “Rather than addressing every possible error, a few characteristics for sound parachurch ministries are given which will bring clarity where needed…”

Only Bad Calvinism Abandons Souls: The Story Behind a Missions Revival

When told properly, church history leads to applications for the present day. That’s the case in this look at a bad form of Calvinism and how addressing it led to a great revival in missions.

What Does It Mean That God Rested? (Video)

Darby Strickland considers what it means that God rested from his work of Creation and suggests ways we can follow his lead, resting in his finished work.

The Money Problem in Cross-Cultural Partnerships

Money can often lead to trouble in cross-cultural partnerships. In this article, Ryan Currie offers “three practical tips to consider when giving cross-culturally that can help minimize temptation and strengthen partnerships.”

How do Muslims view the Quran? (Video)

How do Muslims view the Quran? Dr. A. S. Ibrahim answers in this video from SBTS.

Flashback: Don’t Waste the Days When You Feel Little Need for God

Ideally, trauma is not the time to begin trying to understand how God is present in our pain, but the time to lean into what we already know to be true.

The foolish people of the world do not exist for my entertainment.

—Matthew Mitchell

  • A La Carte Thursday 1

    A La Carte (April 4)

    A La Carte: Only bad Calvinism abandons souls / Is the Lord’s Supper a feast or a funeral? / What does it mean that God rested? / The money problem in cross-cultural partnerships / How do Muslims view the Quran? / Keeping the “para” in parachurch ministries / and more.

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    Random Thoughts on Being a Dad

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    A La Carte (April 2)

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  • The Greatest Display of Strength

    This week the blog is sponsored by Moody Publishers, publisher of Overflowing Mercies by Craig Allen Cooper. In the book, Craig opens readers to the beautiful, merciful heart of our triune God. In a culture that is short on compassion, maybe that’s difficult to imagine. There’s not nearly enough patience or tenderness in the world. Maybe…

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    Why Do You Do What You Do (And Not Something Else)?

    One of my favorite questions for times of small talk is “Why do you do what you do instead of doing something else?” Or sometimes a variation: “Why do you love what you do?” I ask this when I’m in the barber’s chair, on the x-ray table, or trying to articulate words as the dentist…