A La Carte (April 9)

Lots of people have asked if I’ll be at Together for the Gospel this week. Sadly, I will not. I’ve traveled so much this year for my EPIC project that I’ve had to cut out extra travel like conferences. It will be the first T4G I’ve missed!

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Today’s Kindle deals include a selection of books from Crossway centered on the theme of evangelism. There’s also a bunch of Piper books.

10 Things You Should Know about Christian Hospitality

Rosaria Butterfield (who has a new book on the topic): “Jesus identifies with the stranger, the outsider, the needy. Daily hospitality hones a distinctive Christian culture from within as it embraces evangelistic optimism, knowing that if God wills, strangers will become neighbors and neighbors will become part of the family of God. Who knows? This may happen at your kitchen table tonight.”

China’s High-Tech Plan to Control Its Citizens Completely

“It is now technologically possible for a government to monitor and control its citizens as never before. Now China is going to take advantage of that capability.” It’s both fascinating and disconcerting to see how they intend to use the power of technology.

Insider Language and the Mission of God

“On one hand, theological and historical terminology can become Shibboleths that keep others uninformed and disengaged. On the other hand, the language of the church gives us the opportunity to share the language of God in thoughtful, educated and engaging ways. We need to labor to ask ourselves how we are employing terminology that is unique to the worlds of theology, philosophy and sociology as we seek to bring the Gospel to outsiders who don’t speak the language of the church. Whatever else we do, we must be unashamed to teach the language of God from Scripture. Christians speak the language of God in a foreign land. After all, there is no greater language that any of us must learn to speak.”

Generation Z Is Already Bored by the Internet

Shockingly, it turns out that teenagers will act like teenagers even in this digital age. The more we give them, the more it bores them.

7 Ways to Protect and Pass On the Gospel

Protecting and passing on the gospel is not just the pastor’s responsibility. It is in the responsibility of every member of every church.

What ‘Drag Race’ Means To The Teen Girls Who Love It

As the parent of two teen (or nearly-teen) girls, I try to keep up a bit with what is influencing their peers. I was surprised to learn that RuPaul’s Drag Race is extremely influential among them.

Among the Abortion Extremists

“Everyday liberalism is sufficiently muddled between semi-Christian ideas and a utilitarian materialism that mostly the system is defended by euphemism and evasion, and by a failure to imagine oneself as all of us once were: tiny and dependent and hidden, and yet still essentially ourselves.”

Flashback: The Most Important Thing My Parents Did

For all the good things my parents did for me, I believe that the most important was simply living as Christians before me. I don’t think anything shaped or challenged me more than that.

There is justice in hell, but sin is the most unjust thing. It would rob God of his glory, Christ of his purchase, the soul of its happiness. —Thomas Watson