Sunday A La Carte (April 8)

Once again, it was a good week in the blogosphere and I was able to bookmark an unusual number of articles. I thought I’d include some of them in a Sunday edition of A La Carte. I hope you enjoy it!

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Be a Gospel Neighbor

This is a good reminder: “Being a good neighbor is a crucial component to being a faithful evangelist. We should all aspire to be gospel neighbors. But first, I want to assess a couple typical ways we measure evangelistic success.”

The Royal Wedding: An FAQ

Here’s a light-hearted FAQ about the forthcoming royal wedding.

4 Times You Should NOT Do a GoFundMe Campaign

I’m glad GoFundMe exists and am glad to contribute to some. But there’s lots of times it shouldn’t be an option. This article gives four times you shouldn’t do one.

12 Ways Evangelism Is Changing

“You’ve heard it said the twenty-first century is markedly different from the twentieth. It’s not only because we have terrorism scares, self-driving cars, and Facebook. Church attendance is decreasing, religious Nones are increasing, and the way people view and interact with truth has changed. Yet many Christians and churches are evangelizing as if we are still living in the twentieth century—and failing to make the unbelievable news about Jesus more believable.”

Hudson Taylor’s God-Honoring Courtship (Part 1) (Sorry — Site Hacked)

I love Vance Christie’s short blog biographies. “The true story of Hudson Taylor and Maria Dyer’s God-honoring courtship is both beautiful and beneficial to consider. Their God-trusting example is inspiring and instructive.”

Real Knowledge in an Age of Facebook Friends

It’s important that in an online world we maintain real knowledge of real friends.

Flashback: The Posture of Prayer

The Bible provides descriptions of what to pray, but also how to pray…