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A La Carte (August 12)


My kids and I are nearing the end of our two-week stretch of isolation here just outside of Louisville. All has gone well and, unsurprisingly, we are itching to get going!

We are going through a bit of a slow period when it comes to Kindle deals, but you will find at least a couple of interesting ones.

The Note I Found Of The Boy Pointing The Gun At His Head

Stephen McAlpine tells of finding a rather disturbing note. “I put the other rubbish in the bin. I had the note left over. I felt a bit voyeuristic. Was this mere titillation, a script version of a Peeping Tom? What would the note say? Who it would it be to? Who would it be from? Who would it be about? I wonder why I even picked it up. In unfolded the piece of paper, and just felt incredibly sad.”

The First and Last Thing My Grandma Taught Me

I appreciated Amber’s tribute to her grandmother.

The Blessing of Criticism

Criticism is always difficult, but it is also often attended by some blessing.

The Gospel Lens

Deepa tells about having her gospel lens adjusted through India’s long lockdown.

Is God Absent When He is Silent?

“Our pastor says a lot of good things, but recently a sentence caught me mid stride as it were, flattened against the walls of my thinking then stepping into my situation with a warm hug. He is preaching through Esther. I love that book. God’s Sovereign hand is all over it, and the drama of its story is spellbinding.”

Have You Spotted A Satellite Dish On A Beaver Dam?

If you’ve been driving in Canada, you might have just spotted a satellite dish on a beaver dam (or, actually, a beaver lodge). Here’s why the beavers are getting them installed…

Singing the Song of Heaven Together

Laura reflects on the joy and beauty of singing the song of heaven together.

Flashback: Redoubling Failing Efforts

Self-salvation is sinful man’s most natural inclination. We all know there is something wrong with us, that we are not all we want to be and not all we were meant to be. And left to ourselves we look for that salvation anywhere and everywhere except in the place it can be found–in Jesus Christ.

How shall we learn to bear sickness patiently, when sickness comes to our turn? We must lay up stores of grace in the time of health. We must seek for the sanctifying influence of the Holy Spirit over our unruly moods and attitudes.

—J.C. Ryle

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  • How can you mumble

    How Can You Mumble?

    Some of my most meaningful moments of public worship have been in settings where I did not speak the language. I have stood with a congregation in rural Zambia as they’ve clapped and moved and praised the Lord in Bemba, a language that is utterly unknown to me. I’ve sat with a congregation in the…

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    A La Carte (June 3)

    A La Carte: Life doesn’t always turn out like we thought it would / Hope for fallen Christians / AI as theological babel fish / Teenagers and parental hypocrisy / Is there a preferred Bible translation Christians should use? / Logos and Kindle deals / and more.

  • A Celebration of Friendship

    A Celebration of Friendship

    I may not be going too far out on a limb when I suggest that you have probably not heard the name Anna Laetitia Barbauld. For various reasons she has been largely forgotten by history, and this despite achieving a significant level of fame in the eighteenth century. Though at one time she was a…

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    Weekend A La Carte (June 1)

    A La Carte: The desegregation of Dallas Theological Seminary / 12 things that happened on the cross / How can I be a Christian in my workplace? / Five questions for our skepticism / The sanction of sin / Never let a crisis go to waste: AI, statism, and the threats to free speech /…

  • Free Stuff Fridays (Redeemer University)

    This giveaway is sponsored by Redeemer University. Get $250 off your first course when you enroll in the online Not-For-Profit Management certificate with Redeemer University! Fill out this form to get updates and to be eligible for this special offer via Do you work for a church, school, food bank, women’s shelter, mission, ministry…