A La Carte (August 17)

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Death on Demand?

Once again, we turn to Holland for a warning of the “progress” that comes with the acceptance of assisted suicide.

Iceland’s Future: Clear, Bright and Cold

Iceland is celebrating that they have pretty much eliminated Downs Syndrome. But the way they did so is chilling. (See also this by Joe Carter.)

The Elvis Phenomenon

40 years ago Elvis died, and R.C. Sproul reflected on the event in an early issue of Tabletalk.

Easy Lies to Believe

This is good: “I’d like to take a stab at naming and disarming several lies often spoken to us through social media, especially in understanding the world around us. In naming these lies, I’m not necessarily advocating giving up on #facetagramsnaptweeting, but encouraging us to wise, careful and limited use.”

Sunday is End-Times Warfare

“If you want to draw a crowd, preach a sermon series on sex or the end times. There is something in us that longs to know how the end will come. What will the last days look like? How will we know that the end is upon us?”

Breaking the Shackles of Evolutionary Propaganda

Here’s an interesting account.

4 Bible Reading Strategies for Reading Plan Quitters

“If you struggle like I do, here is the advice that I would offer– change it up. Instead of choosing one Bible reading plan, choose a strategy for reading the Bible and then change what you are doing when you find yourself getting stale. After all, what matters is not that we are sticking to a plan, but that we are reading the Bible and being changed by it.”

Flashback: What Would I Lose If I Lost Worship?

Can you imagine your life without worship? Can you imagine your life without regularly gathering with God’s people to worship him together? It’s worth considering: What would I lose if I lost worship?

You cannot repent too soon, because you do not know how soon it may be too late. —Thomas Fuller